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CBD Oil - CBD HEMP 2020 - Buy CBD online

Constant stress and lack of resources for proper functioning of the body, invariably lead to various unpleasant diseases. The fast-growing pace of life forces scientists from all over the world to work on finding new solutions that can, with a minimum number of side effects, help to strengthen the immune system and overall health. Cannabidiol extract is an absolutely safe agent that directly affects CB1 receptors, is easily absorbed by the body, has a positive effect on the nervous system and is an excellent prevention of a number of diseases. Contrary to popular misconceptions, it is not addictive and is not prohibited by law. CBD oil is officially approved by the US national center for biotechnological information and the world health organization.

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At the same time, CBD oil is produced from non-psychoactive cannabis (technical, seed), the concentration of THC in the resin of which does not exceed 0.2%, which is considered acceptable even in Russia, or from the so-called medical varieties with a high content of CBD and low THC. The resulting extract is added to the base (any refined vegetable oil, such as olive, sesame, linseed or hemp oil squeezed from hemp seed).

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But not everything is so clear yet. The fact is that the lack of clear rules and interpretations allows you to look at the CBD from different angles. To get a cannabinoid oil, you need to extract an extract from the resin of the plant and add it to the base. As a result, you will get a mixture with 2% or 3% (sometimes 4%, but not higher, as a rule) concentration of cannabidiol. The extract is obtained by distillation from resin. At the same time, psychoactive THC is also distilled, which breaks down only partially, remaining stable. Therefore, technical non-psychoactive cannabis is used for the production of CBD extract. However, it also contains THC, which in any case will get into the extract, although it will not be able to cause a clear tangible effect even on a child. Spectral analysis of CBD oil for treatment, which can be carried out by regulatory authorities as an examination in proceedings, can play a cruel joke. The fact is that both THC and CBN (formed when THC breaks down and still has a psychoactive effect) and harmless CBD "glow" the same way. This allows government agencies to believe that the medicinal oil contains a drug, and consider CBD as an isomer of THC.